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Working with Daniel

Discover services and guiding principles when working alongside Daniel Benjamin Wheeler.

Daniel Wheeler in press body armor seen through the window of a bombed-out bus in the Middle East.

Why work with Daniel

With over a decade of award-winning expertise, working with Daniel ensures authentic and compelling storytelling. Find out more about Daniel.


Daniel Benjamin Wheeler has over a decade of expertise in storytelling, spanning investigative reports to award-winning documentaries.


Wheeler's storytelling has been recognised and awarded by prominent institutions.


Daniel Benjamin Wheeler possesses a profound understanding of human rights and armed conflict, underpinned by extensive fieldwork across diverse regions.

Trauma-sensitive reporting

Daniel is trained in trauma-sensitive reporting, guiding his approach when engaging with vulnerable or traumatised individuals.

Core principles

In a profession where information can shape perceptions and influence decisions, Daniel Benjamin Wheeler ardently believes in the principles of ethical storytelling.

Truth & accuracy

Every story Wheeler covers, whether it’s through the written word or visual media, is underpinned by rigorous fact-checking and a relentless pursuit of the truth.


As an independent journalist and filmmaker, Daniel ensures that his work remains free from undue influence, be it from political factions, cultural bias, or other external pressures.

Fairness and impartiality

Recognising that every narrative has multiple facets, Daniel endeavours to present stories in a balanced manner, giving voice to varied perspectives and refraining from bias.


In telling stories, particularly from conflict zones or about sensitive subjects, Wheeler always prioritises the dignity and rights of those depicted, ensuring that harm or undue distress is never inflicted.


Wheeler stands by his work and is always willing to address any concerns, corrections, or clarifications. He views feedback not as criticism but as an essential element of responsible storytelling.


Story coverage

Daniel is renowned for his adeptness in a variety of journalistic styles, whether it's frontline reporting from conflict zones or in-depth investigative journalism. His commitment to the truth and compelling storytelling shines through in every piece.

Documentary filmmaking

Daniel manages documentary projects from conception to completion. His films, whether addressing societal challenges or capturing human resilience, consistently leave an indelible impact on audiences.

Commercial filmmaking

With a keen understanding of brand narratives and objectives, Daniel has crafted commercials and promotional videos for humanitarian organisations and brands operating in challenging and hard-to-reach areas. His ability to intertwine compelling narratives with brand messaging makes him a sought-after choice for organisations aiming to make a significant impact.


Organisations desiring to craft meaningful and impactful narratives will find immense value in Daniel's guidance. He refines and presents stories to effectively communicate core messages, resonating deeply with target audiences.

Training & workshops

Daniel's commitment to the journalistic and humanitarian community extends to training initiatives. His workshops aim to empower journalists and storytellers with skills for principled and impactful reporting amidst adversities.