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Reclaiming the Night wins 1st prize at Go Mental International Film Festival

BERLIN – Daniel Benjamin Wheeler’s documentary film, Reclaiming the Night, has secured first prize in the Best Short Films 2024 category at the Go Mental International Film Festival. The award ceremony took place on 18 May 2024, at the ACUD Kino in Berlin, hosted by actress Jennifer Lynn Tune.

The Go Mental International Film Festival, now in its fourth year, focuses on mental health, aiming to foster empathy and reduce stigma through powerful storytelling. The festival featured a diverse line-up of films from around the world, with Reclaiming the Night said to stand out for its “compelling narrative and impactful message”.

About Go Mental International Film Festival

The Go Mental International Film Festival began in March 2020 in Berlin – Kreuzberg, with a mission to prioritise mental health in cinema. Co-founded by filmmaker Elisabeth Staak, the festival has grown into a significant platform for filmmakers to explore and address mental health issues through their work. The 2024 edition of the festival was rebranded under Staak’s direction and continued to uphold its mission of increasing visibility for mental health topics.

About Reclaiming the Night

Reclaiming the Night centres on Professor Jon-Håkon Schultz and his work supporting war-affected children. The film has garnered significant attention and acclaim on the festival circuit, previously winning awards at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and the New York International Film Awards.

Looking ahead

The Go Mental International Film Festival continues to provide a vital platform for films that tackle mental health issues, fostering conversations and promoting understanding. Reclaiming the Night’s success at the festival underscores the importance of such narratives in today’s society.

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