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Reclaiming the Night wins at LAIFFA

LOS ANGELES – Daniel Benjamin Wheeler’s new documentary, Reclaiming the Night, wins at LAIFFA. The film claimed ‘Best Documentary Short‘ and ‘Best Director – Documentary Short‘ accolades.

About the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (LAIFFA)

LAIFFA, held quarterly, culminates annually in Hollywood with a live screening and award ceremony. In addition, it showcases a wide array of short films, spanning genres from Dramas to thought-provoking Documentaries.

The Documentary

Reclaiming the Night centres on Professor Jon-Håkon Schultz, highlighting his transformative work supporting war-affected children.

The Reclaiming the Night wins at LAIFFA were not the first this year. The film has gained acclaim at various film festivals this year. For example, it received recognition at the New York International Film Awards and the Los Angeles Film Awards.

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